We can design the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of having We provide comprehensive dental care by using the latest state of the art techniques, procedures and technology. We can custom design a smile for you or do an extreme smile makeover using our extensive clinical experience and designing methods. Any loose or wobbly dentures or partial dentures can get stability and functionality using implants. Dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth. Even complete dentures can be replaced with Implant Supported Hybrid Full Denture or Fixed Bridges depending upon the jaw bone available for such procedures.

Unfortunately fear is a major factor for some patients. Dr. Ramesh Kothari understands fear may prevent some patients from the dental treatment they need. Dr. is excited to tell you that one can now safely and comfortably have all their dental care completed and amazingly, will feel nothing. Oral Sedation is ideal for fearful patients; patients with a bad gag reflex or patients who have limited time and want all their care completed in one easy visit.

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Dr. Kothari is a strong believer in preventative dental care. This means that we identify risk factors or small problems, and correct them before they become big problems. The best way to catch problems early is through regular dental visits and cleanings. Just like every person is different, each person's mouth and biology is unique. Some people may be more prone to gum disease or have a higher rate of obtaining cavities. At our office, there is no "One size-fits-all" solution to dental issues. Each person is evaluated on an individual basis and informed of our findings. Dentistry in the 21st century, is vastly different from what you may remember in the past--recent advancements have made dentistry easier than ever before.

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